Directions to New Jersey

Submitted in response to Friday Fictioneers.  For other stories click on the blue creature at the end of this post.

garden maze
PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Melanie Greenwood


“Take the GI 440 two hundred meters east, then take a right at the flashing red light which will take you through the Brown Tunnel. At the end of the Brown Tunnel you will be dumped into a roundabout. The traffic will be heavy now so ease you way over to the right hand lane and take the third exit to your right. If you miss your exit the first time, just continue around and attempt  it again. Just remember you don’t want to miss your exit the third time or you will spend a lot of time being a floater.”

Word Count = 100






  1. Excellent directions, Danny, although whether they’re applicable to that particular maze, I don’t know! Haha. I love this take on the prompt – it really fits And no, I probably wwouldn’t like to be a ‘floater’. 🙂


  2. I happened on a roundabout just to the north-west of London once which consisted of about 10 mini-roundabouts immediately around a big roundabout-type thing. I’m sure it looked awesome from the air but I had no clue what I was doing 🙂


  3. We have them by the dozens near Kitchener Ontario. They come in two sizes – too small, and too big. My blog-friend from Kansas has never mentioned Kansas spoons, but he has railed at Jersey Jug-handles. 😯

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  4. Not a fan of New Jersey, Danny? 🙂 Here in the Midwest, we have been plagued with several small roundabouts, which serve no other function beyond that of flat, round speed bumps. A cousin once removed engineered the first one, so my wife refers to them as “Glen Earl’s spoons.” Which is worse, a crap shoot on your way to New Jersey or a Kansas spoon in the road?


    Marie Gail


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