Rochelle & Douglas

Written for Rochelle and her every popular  Friday Fictioneer Challenge. For some other entertaining interpretations of this prompt just click on the blue frog at the bottom of this post. My entry starts after the picture. Have Fun

Copyright — Douglas Macllroy

“Enter,” the silky voice invited.

“I am honored you have chosen one of mine,” my Dear Purple Princess.

“Oh  it’s you Douglas. Aloha, my likeable friend.”

“It is my pleasure that you alone will  appreciate this portrait  of mine.”

“Oh Douglas, not just me but my whole  web community will be able to view  it and comment on your ah, err, “Masterpiece” as you call it.

“I see. The publicity may even bring me more fame! Even Word Press stardom!”

“Shalom Douglas. And, as a personal favor to me, please don’t mention to Bjorn that you were here.”





    • The idea came to me on my daily walk. My habit, when nothing comes immediately to mind, is to mull it over during that time. I was having so much fun with that one I almost got run over by a golf cart.



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