Finish the story — Checkmate!

Written for Mondays Finish The StoryFinish the story begins with:   “They say that life is a game of chess…” using 100 – 150 words. My story starts after the picture prompt below. For other authors interpretation, just click on the blue froggie at the bottom of this post.

2014-12-15 - BW BeachamT

They say that life is a game of chess. Just try telling that to Sgt. Jake Anderson.

It was a bitter cold day in January 1945. Jake could hardly see his buddy beside him the snow was blowing so hard against their faces.

The forested Ardennes looked like a frozen icy landscape. Although he could barely see his friend he could hear him quite well. The words he heard he would never repeat to his children if he survived.

And it  looked like he would survive if he could make it back to his unit after repelling another  enemy assault. They had started out this campaign against overwhelming odds: 80,000 troops to over 200,000 enemy adversaries. They had great leaders but the most valuable pieces in this chess game was their overwhelming use of very determined front line soldiers. The pawns of this conflict.

They had one last unit of enemy soldiers to destroy and then the war would be over. Checkmate!



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