King Author

This is my silly entry for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers this week. For other stories click on the blue froggie at the bottom of this post. My story starts after the picture prompt.

Copyright Randie Maize

On his way to Starbucks Brad stopped at the library. He had one final paper to write to obtain his advanced degree in European History. He knew the reference book he needed but could not remember the author.

Approaching the Librarian he asked, “I’m looking for a reference book on Evil England, can you help?”

“You mean medieval England sir?”

“Whatever. You know the one about the king who stood around his table with his pals and wrote wordy books.”

“Why yes I do,” replied the librarian. “The King you are referring to his King Author.”

“Yeah, right, that’s the dude.”



  1. love it. hate it.
    And a King Arthur tome would not be a reference book. Let’s add this to the list of this fellow’s gaffs.
    But the most serious error, in my opinion, is calling anybody, much less a king, and much less King Arthur, a dude!
    And In my last passing of judgment, anyone who uses the word dude should not even be allowed into Starbucks.


  2. Wonderful and I hope he gets his degree. Re historical stuff one needs to think of the Tudors as being on the timeline of monarchs: Wiki has a great feature:
    Regretfully the Arthurs & the Round Table is myth although we do have a whole bunch of deluded people running around looking for the holy grail when they should be at work supporting the economy and my state pension payments.

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  3. I want to shake that boy so hard. Really, at least show an interest in what you decided to do an advanced degree in.
    But I’m now going to be that really annoying person who points out King Arthur is technically ancient history and not medieval.
    I still really liked the story though.


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