Nightmare That Never Ends

When I awoke there were strangers all around me. I had waken up in what appeared to be a small hospital room for animals. Next to me was a very large elephant. At the entrance to my room a six-foot tall Turkish Van stood guard. Two burly baboons appeared and went directly to the elephant and hooking up a type of hoist lifted him to the floor. The elephant wandered off without looking at me. The baboons did an about-face and marched out of the room and took a right and dissolved into the night.

Suddenly, from the room on my right, a very loud shriek came from what sounded like a Macaw Parrot. And immediately an answering Macaw responded with its own terror sounding screech. I heard a gunshot from my right and then exactly two minutes later one from my left. Suddenly all was quiet.

I could hear a soft whirling  sound  down the corridor to my left. It was increasing in volume as it approached my room. I turned in shock to see Darth Vader, black cape and hood, pushing what appeared to be a floor buffing machine. As he passed he looked directly at me and a yellow beam of a flashlight seemed to touch my skin. He exited my view  to the right and then made the same pass in the other direction. No sound came from Darth, only the movement of his head and the beam of that yellow flashlight.

A tall man appeared and being extremely tall had to duck to enter my room. He carried a tray with him that look like a table setting for six. Following him was a very short lady dressed as a Hooters staff member and before I could say anything put a needle in my arm, smiled, and went away.

As always the alarm rang at 6:14 a.m. I turned over in my bed and a voice said, “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”





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