Friday Fictioneers — Student Vacation

It’s time again for Friday Fictioneers. Here goes!


The scene before him was exactly like the one she sent him over the internet. They had been exchanging posts for over a year. He felt closer to her than any of the girls he went to college with. The fact that he majored in Spanish helped immensely. The pictures she sent of herself put  him into a lover’s daze. He had scraped together enough money for a one way ticket with the assurance her family would pay for the return trip. Being here now he realized something was missing. Where are all the people. Maria….Maria.





  1. Really, you can’t trust the internet for love – unless they have been vetted and then it’s still scary! I hope he has an International cell phone. Golly gee whiz, creepy! Love it! Nan 🙂


  2. You built that up well to an ambiguous but ominous ending, Danny. I think that if you varied the length of your sentences a bit, the story would read more smoothly. For instance, the second and third could easily be made into one longer sentence, breaking up the run of shorter sentences. And a ? at the end of “Where were all the people?” Just my $.02, for what that’s worth. 🙂



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