Lookin’ Out My Back Door

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Lookin' Out My Backyard
Lookin’ Out My Backyard

We won’t have this view much longer. The house we have lived in for eighteen  years goes on the market tomorrow.

See that red maple tree on the left? That was a present I received after completing a 5k run called “Run for the Roses”.  It was just a twig when I planted it around 10 years ago. In the summer it turns a blazing red that is breathtaking. That little yellow building, center background, is our neighbors shed. Each year they host a “Pig Picken” event just in front of it. All the neighbors gather on the lawn chairs they brought and we catch up on what everyone is doing.

The wooden swing set was put a just after we moved in. The neighbors children were 3 and 5 years old then. Today they are 21 and 23. One is a senior and college and the other just graduated. That little bird house is where we welcomed our blue birds every year. My wife making sure it was clean for their arrival. It was a joy to watch the father fly off and then return with dinner for his little ones.

Time marches on they say. And so it is with us. It’s gonna take some getting used to a Florida retirement community. It certainly is not our  first move so we will survive. Maybe our last though.

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