Sunday Photo Fiction — Lucky

It’s time for Sunday Photo Fiction. Here is my submission.

Fog lingering around Dover Western (Cruise) Docks. [Image has been adjusted so it can be seen properly]

The “Carrie” wasn’t my first choice of boats. I had showed up late at the dock for the days assignments and by the time they called my name “Carrie” was the only boat that needed any crew. I had been on the boat before and found her to be adequate. She wasn’t big by any standard but she was a seaworthy vessel. She was old enough to test my mechanical skills as a second engineer.

I knew I was just one small cog with some unique responsibilities which were integral to the successful operation of the seafaring vessel. I never liked being on the bridge which was filled with all the sophisticated equipment which required far different skills than those I possess. I did like my role on the deck, which houses berthing and the cargo gear.

This would be a simple two-day run, down and back, transporting iron ore pellets from Duluth Minnesota to Detroit Michigan. Still, I wished I had gotten up earlier and got my first choice of boats. The “Fitz” was scheduled to leave on the same morning. Now that would be a ride worth getting up for.


    • Yes, it does. My post was based on the ship the Edmund Fitzgerald. You can google it and find out what would have happened if he had made it aboard the Fitz. I grew up in Michigan near the event.



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