Five Sentence Fiction — The Fitz

Written for Lillie McFerrin Writes Five Sentence Fiction Prompt.



“The anchor is from the “Fitz”, right dad?”

“Yes, they almost made it to Whitefish Point.”

“It was a bad November, but the “Anderson” made it through.”

“They say she never gives up her dead.”

“At least we remember them with the ringing of Twenty Nine Bells every year.”




Sunday Photo Fiction — Lucky

It’s time for Sunday Photo Fiction. Here is my submission.

Fog lingering around Dover Western (Cruise) Docks. [Image has been adjusted so it can be seen properly]

The “Carrie” wasn’t my first choice of boats. I had showed up late at the dock for the days assignments and by the time they called my name “Carrie” was the only boat that needed any crew. I had been on the boat before and found her to be adequate. She wasn’t big by any standard but she was a seaworthy vessel. She was old enough to test my mechanical skills as a second engineer.

I knew I was just one small cog with some unique responsibilities which were integral to the successful operation of the seafaring vessel. I never liked being on the bridge which was filled with all the sophisticated equipment which required far different skills than those I possess. I did like my role on the deck, which houses berthing and the cargo gear.

This would be a simple two-day run, down and back, transporting iron ore pellets from Duluth Minnesota to Detroit Michigan. Still, I wished I had gotten up earlier and got my first choice of boats. The “Fitz” was scheduled to leave on the same morning. Now that would be a ride worth getting up for.

Never Gives Up Her Dead

Lake Superior Lighthouse
Lake Superior Lighthouse

A lighthouse on Lake Superior. Lake “Gitche Gumee” as the Native Americans call it. Native Americans believe that this lake never gives up those that have perished in it. This lighthouse is still searching for the ore freighter “The Edmund Fitzgerald” which sank on November 10, 1975 killing all 29 crew members.

Edmund Fitgerald
Edmund Fitzgerald

“They are not dead who live in the hearts they leave behind.”


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