Friday Fictioneers

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Copyright -Sandra Crook

As a young boy  I liked to help my grandfather bale the straw, load it on his tractor  and then drive that old tractor to the outskirts of town and sell to the local crop dealer. He taught me to drive that old Ford tractor before I could drive a car. Some days we had to wait in line before we could unload our tractor. While he waited in line I went inside to  spend some  time  with the other boys my age.  I was having a ball.

But one day,  while waiting,  he accidentally left me there by myself.

Word count = 100


  1. I remember many kids I went to grade school with learning to drive tractors and combines by the age of 10. I can’t believe my 18-year-old niece just recently got her first learner’s permit. Ah, city life . . .

    Marie Gail


  2. Nicely done, Danny. Poor kid must’ve felt pretty panicky, but I assume Grandpa came back and picked him up. Most of us have gotten lost one time or the other in the supermarket or in fairs when we were kids 🙂


  3. Good story and well written. I remember when I took driver training at a rural high school. Some of the boys in that class considered it an easy “A” because they’d already been driving tracters on their families farms.


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