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American Sentence

I was lonely, a nerd, a recluse, never fitting in, pimple faced little runt and needing someone, really anyone to understand me.

We were friends from high school, where we were first introduced.

He was a good friend that would always cut you some slack.

Being with him was like being seduced.

In conclusion please let me introduce you to my very good friend Jack.


Posted January 17, 2014 by Danny James in 5 Sentence Fiction

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10 responses to “Five Sentence Fiction — Jack

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  1. A very creative take on the prompt. I really liked it even though it’s kinda sad. x


  2. I liked the twist at the end 🙂


  3. Great use of the prompt, and pretty sure I can see him clutching Jack!


  4. Excellent! I have a good buddy named Morgan that hang with on a regular basis. He’s a Captain, I believe…


  5. I once had a good friend like that Mr. Boston. A good tale I didn’t know the until the end.


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