Still Here

I haven’t been very active on blogging this week. Went to Florida on a little house hunting trip. Found a great home and a very good lot. Still have second thoughts about am I doing the right thing. Picking up and starting all over with friends etc.

The home we found had a two and a half garage! Two cars and one golf cart. Spend almost the entire time in a golf cart. Great people, sunny climate; perhaps too hot in the summer. Thinking…thinking…thinking…

And I don’t even play golf!

5 thoughts on “Still Here

  1. Janice Heck December 9, 2013 / 4:55 pm

    We’re heading to Florida on December 27! Can’t wait. We change from being couch potatoes to being healthy exercisers. Weather makes such a difference!


    • Danny James December 9, 2013 / 10:35 pm

      Same here. We were in Ocala. Very active retirement community with lots of continuing educational opportunities.



  2. Kim13 December 9, 2013 / 4:49 pm

    Best of luck on the house hunting!


      • Kim13 December 9, 2013 / 11:41 pm

        I’ll bet…it would be so much fun. One day I will be hunting for my own home. I just hope it’s soon!


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