Friday Fictioneers — I Fall to Pieces   13 comments

Thanks to Rochelle and her weekly Friday Fictioneers challenge!


Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end.

Copyright - Sean Fallon

Photo Copyright Sean Fallon

I remember our first date. How could I forget? It was MY first date. You were a minister’s daughter. My mom was pleased. I picked you up to attend a concert. You slid in right beside me. You placed your hand inside my legs. Remember bench seats? Thirty years married when I started to wear pink. Now I can hardly remember. The memory fails each day. Now it’s one day at a time. The kids keep telling me:

common love you shared

a sad song by Patsy Cline

i fall to pieces

NaBloPoMo #21

13 responses to “Friday Fictioneers — I Fall to Pieces

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  1. You know, I live in Patsy Cline Country.
    I’m J/S 😉


  2. Dear Danny,

    I did catch the significance of his wearing pink. Sad but well done.




  3. Such a bittersweet story, Danny. So much to lose…


  4. I don’t understand Janet’s comment, I’m afraid, but nevertheless I enjoyed the piece. Well done.


  5. Fantastic memories….and sad endings. Mirrors most of our lives as our stories wind down. Love it!


  6. Danny, you broke my heart with this one! I love the way you told about both diseases without mentioning their names.



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