Carp Diem Haiku: Garry Gay’s New Snow   16 comments

Inspired haiku by Garry Gay

new snow

the path you made last night

has gone with you

Summer Clouds

Summer Clouds

summer clouds

keep close to nature’s heart

heading east

Posted October 20, 2013 by Danny James in Uncategorized

16 responses to “Carp Diem Haiku: Garry Gay’s New Snow

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  1. This is a very nice summer version of the inspired haiku


  2. Whatever is close to the heart is close to me!

    New Snow


  3. lovely how you made a contrast with the seasons – nice!


  4. love the photo/haiku combo…well done…


  5. I like the way how you have touched the tone of Garry’s haiku with a haiku about a different season. Great photo by the way …


  6. Beautiful imagery in your words and photo!


  7. There’re changes at other locations. True enough, it makes it more interesting! Nicely Danny!


  8. Nice imagery in words


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