Friday Fiction: Shopping Cart Schizohrinia

copyright -Janet Webb

Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields again for her Friday Fictioneers challenge.

The lady, judging from her appearance and quirks, has extreme mental health issues, but she plays the game of life, non-the-less. She walks to and from somewhere dragging that shopping cart, but is also occasionally seen trundling a piece of luggage to and fro. She sports bright red earmuffs when it’s not even cold outside. To talk to her, she seems normal enough, but her appearance and that shopping card set her apart. I wonder what is so important to her that she takes it with her on a daily basis.

She always refused to leave that cart behind for any reason.


  1. I agree with the idea that her life is in that cart. As for the earmuffs, I’ve seen men/boys wearing wool caps in the summer, which is just a weird and they don’t have the excuse of mental problems!! It would be so hot!

    Just one small thing: “To talk to here”–I know you meant “her.”



  2. Is it odd that the only thing I can think of after reading this is those weirdos who where stocking caps (or beanies or whatever the heck they’re called now) in the summer?


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