He’s Our Boy Now

Here is my entry for Anonymous Legacy’s photo-inspired prompt VisDare.

“He’s our boy now,” Jack said as he watched the presidential parade pass their office on the 24th floor from a building just 5 blocks from the White House.

“Have some class Jack,” Sylvia pleaded.

“OK, He’s our President. Satisfied?” replied Jack.

“Can anyone seriously believe that a president can be truly independent of people who’ve spent tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars to promote him or tear down his adversaries like we have?” said Jack’s younger brother Daniel.

“Talk softly and carry a big stick still applies. The big stick is big money today” said the Chairman of the little cabal “and our plan has worked to perfection.”

The sound was like a whip being snapped. They knew immediately what had happened; hell they could see it right in front of them.

“And your Plan B would be what?”  whispered Sylvia.


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