Ugliest Building Award

Carbuncle Cup Winner
Carbuncle Cup Nomination

The Carbuncle Cup is awarded each year to the “ugliest building in the United Kingdom completed in the last twelve years.” Some comments on this structure include “a travesty in more ways than one – we shutter at its lumpen form and mourn the building demolished to make way for it.” One critic called it “oppressively bland and totally insensitive to the beautiful surrounding it.” The building was part of a multi-million pound bid to redevelop the town’s center district but is now apparently dubbed “the dumpster” by locals. According to Building Design, the centre “had so much potential before multiple revisions and cost cutting.”

The building has also been criticized for being “grossly: over-sized, for its failure to blend in with the Victorian design of neighboring buildings.”

I think we have a winner here folks!

Submitted in response to Alastair’s Photo Fiction.


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