1957 Chevrolet Bel-Aire Coup
1957 Chevrolet Bel-Aire Coupe

I went to an antique auto show this weekend. The car above brought back many memories. I grew up in an auto town so when the new models came out  it was quite an event. New models, at that time, were introduced in the fall of the year. Until then they were kept under wraps so no one could see the new styles. I remember in junior high school, a car carrier  stopped across the street so the driver could take his lunch break in the little malt shop there. The cars were covered but during our  break a bunch of us boys went across the street to lift the covers and see what the new models looked like.

I could not afford the car when it was introduced in 1957 and I can’t afford it today because all the well-kept  ones have increased in value. They had a seniors discount at the event and by the looks of the crowds more than 80% qualified. Some dragged their grand kids who had not been born when that car was built and they were bored silly.

An antique car event for antiquated old men. How fitting!

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