Her Memory Has Escaped. Please Help!


They were on their dream vacation. A trip to Egypt. The trip included stops at Cairo, Luxor Temples, Karnac Temples, Valley of the Kings, and Abu Simbel Temples.

The part of the tour he was excited about was the boat trip up the Nile just relaxing on the top deck by the pool, getting caught up on some of his reading, and just generally meeting new people.

As they were preparing for dinner he turned to his wife and said “What’s the name of the couple we are sitting with at dinner tonight?”

His wife responded “I can’t remember, my memory has escaped me.”

Alarmed he turned to her and said with a straight face “Do you think we should go and try to find it?”

“What,” she said?

“Well, your memory is a terrible thing to lose. We MUST find it! I’ll inform the Captain of your loss and he can announce it over the PA system alerting everyone to be on the lookout for your memory, he said.”

“And I will notify the NSA as they keep track of everything today,” he added.

“What the hell are you talking about, she said.”

“I think dear, you meant to say “It escapes my memory, not my memory has escaped me,” he replied.

“Whatever”, she said.

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