What are you today?

For a long time I believed that if you decided what you wanted to be when you “grew up”,  and if you worked hard at it, were honest and respectful to people, you would succeed in life. It sounded like a simple little plan to happiness. Now, taking time to reflect, it turned out not to be so straight forward. There were bumps you never expected. Setbacks that were not easily explained. Major decisions, that had tremendous life ramifications, were made on almost a spur of the moment. Why is it some of us make what turns out to be wise decisions without even thinking that far in advance and some of us made terrible decisions that haunt us until death. Is the thought process that different? Does luck play a part in our present day self. How many of us can look back twenty years and say, “yes, this is where I planned to be today.” If I look at today and say in twenty years from now what do I see and what do you think it will be really like for you in twenty years. I bet we will not even be close.

Small Town America

Sometimes in nice to live in small town America.

You know you live in small town America when the following two items make the front page.

  • “Tie broken, town elects mayor. Both candidates tied last week with 288 votes each. After opening three provisional and two late absentee ballots last Friday the Board of Elections certified the winner Tuesday.” “I was happy to win” said the winner. It’s kind of like when you play football, and your tied until the last two minutes, and then you win.”
  • City gives women $312 to a resident who says her garden was “destroyed” by a city street paving project.

Don’t you just love small towns?

NaBloPoMo # 16