The Last Ring

This post is written in response to Ermilia and the Picture It  & Write Challenge.

“Sir, the third ring has been returned.”

“Has her body been disposed of in a dignified manner Abdu?”

“It has Sir, and her remains will never be found I assure you.”

“You can leave me now.”

As he gazed at the third ring, resting beside the previously returned rings, he thought his revenge was almost complete. The thief, his most trusted servant, had succeeded in stealing the set of four rings. The rings he had commissioned with the finest jeweler he could find. He had spent almost four million dollars on those rings. After he was satisfied with their beauty, and that no other rings would ever be produced that would equal them in pure beauty, he ordered the death of the jeweler.

His thief, once his protector, had been found quickly and beheaded; but not before  he had disposed of the rings that  was for him a handsome profit. The following two years had been spent tracking down the four recipients of those stolen precious rings.

The first ring was recovered in Montreal. The body was found stabbed and with a finger missing from its right hand. The second ring had belonged to a South Miami sociality whose organized crime boyfriend had paid a handsome to impress the bimbo. And the most recent victim was fished out of the Nile, again without a ring finger.

Now it was time to recover the fourth and final ring to reestablish his collection. He knew who possessed the final ring.

“Abdu, please prepare my Lear. We are going to pay my sister a visit.”




Highball and Seven Murders — Episode II

Episode one can be found here:Episode One.

Melinda, still not sure what had transpired, turned to Jill and said “What just happened? I saw four men, including 2 police officers enter the garage and then the sound of guns being fired I think and then the same four men emerge but this time with the two police officers leading the other men at gun point. That building is  where our husbands were going to meet with Mr. Morgan wasn’t it?”

Sirens could be heard in the background as Jill replied, “Yes, but I think something has gone terribly wrong.”

Detective Bacon, a Sargent with the Chicago Police Department along with his partner Lee Johnson were first on the scene. 

MONROE: Neighbors stunned after child found handcuffed to porch with dead chicken around neck | Crime |

Yesterday I told you a few good things about living in a small town. This is a story of a bad thing happening in a small town.

What kind of parents are these people? At least the word “unfit” comes to mind.

MONROE: Neighbors stunned after child found handcuffed to porch with dead chicken around neck | Crime |