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The Bear   18 comments

This post is written for Friday Fictioneers.


PHOTO PROMPT © Kelvin M. Knight

I woke to the sound of fabric ripping. The sound of an angry bear accompanied the next slash. Evening light streamed through the opening. The front of the tent suddenly collapsed to the right. The sight of the huge animal filled that void. Suddenly it stood and the blood red eyes focused on the remains of the meal I had just finished.  I desperately tried to find the zipper on my sleeping bag. I realized I did not have time to escape. I quickly covered my head and slipped as far down as I could. The first blow was lethal.

Travel Theme: Camping   10 comments

This post is in response to Ailsa’s “Where’s My Backpack” challenge. Tent camping in Kenya. My kind of camping!



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Tent Camping   3 comments

The Kenya safari was our dream.

Our first night on the Serengeti.

Tent camping can’t be that bad.

The Lion King once slept here.

The fierce Masai warriors were around.

Our guide said to sleep tight.

Strange howls in the night.

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