Photo Credit === Danny James

We have three cats. Purrcy, Wilson, aka Wee Willie, and Elvis. Two of them have special diets. Purrcy is overweight, and Elvis has Kidney disease. We purchased three “chip” cat dishes. Each of the boys have computer chips embedded on them. The bowls have been set up so only the correct “chipped” cat can open the door. The cat enters his neck under the little arch and the door opens only for him. Therefore Purrcy can’t cheat and eat all his food and his brothers also. And Elvis gets his special kidney food and Willie gets normal cat food.

But they CHEAT! Elvis will open his door and when he walks away Purrcy will quickly enter and eat the rest of his food. They have conspired against us by using kitty team work. Now I have to stand by and referee meal time so everyone gets only his food.



  1. What an amazing story, both from the fact that there are chip bowls, and also that the cats took no time to figure them out to their advantage… imagine if they used their genius for good, hehe.


  2. haha! Purrcy, you little rascal! DJ–this is too funny. We separate our cats in different rooms (with the doors closed!) for this very reason. One of my cats eats very slowly, so the fast eaters would chow down on her food in no time. I love the personalized seating arrangement.

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