Pea Shooter

This post is written for Friday Fictioneers.


The pea hit me in the back of my neck. Turning around, I always sat in the front, I saw Kent smiling with his hands folded on his desk with an innocent smug smile on his ugly mug. Ignoring him I turned around and tried to focus on what Mr. Baldwin, whose thick black glasses were always sliding down his large nose, was saying about personal hygiene. Almost all of us hated health class.

Another pea whizzed by my ear and landed on the floor in front of Mr. Baldwin. Picking up the pea Mr. Baldwin motioned me forward.


  1. Oh no. I was feeling so sorry for the poor little victim already and then I read your comment that it was true!! Poor nerds – they have a hard journey. Let’s just hope it makes him stronger. And I hope Kent mends his ways.

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