This post is written for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneer’s challenge. 

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

On the day Fritz was released from jail for the last time, staff dropped him off at a Metro stop in suburban Chicago. He had forty three dollars in his pocket, money he had earned in prison, and a one day bus pass.  He had nowhere to stay.

Convicted on a voluntary charge of manslaughter he had served twenty three years behind bars for killing his own brother in a family dispute over money.

As he looked up on the window at the familiar brownstone building he wondered. They say a mother’s love is never ending.



  1. We are left wondering too. Im sure its hard to forgive the. Person who took the life of your son, no matter how out of their mind with passion or anger they may have been. But when that person is your only remaining son…i think there’s hope.

    Now,that Hamilton song, “forgiveness” is running through my head. According to the musical, Hamilton’s wife forgave him for his part in the death of their son in a duel over Hamilton’s honor. Its possible.

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  2. 43 Dollars and a bus pass–what a way to introduce someone back into society. If he doesn’t find anyone to help him, he’ll be back in jail soon. The mum… if he doesn’t know, she hasn’t.

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  3. It is difficult to say should one be happy that Fritz is released from jail after serving twenty three years but he is not sure where to go? He has little money and he is not sure if his mother has forgiven him. So few words, such deep situation!

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  4. That mother is going to be conflicted. Good tension created here, DJ.
    BTW I assume there’s a typo in your last paragraph and “widow” should read “window”.
    It’s often very difficult to proof your own work because you often see what should be there.
    Best wishes,

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