Stay a Little While

This post is written for Friday Fictioneers

Copyright – Adam Ickes


I was always running. Running away from what I could not explain. When relationships became too encumbering I vanished. Careers were suddenly torpedoed from an unknown fear. My family gave up on me. Always starting over. Nothing ever lasted. No future, just memories.

A memory I banished from my time with her surfaces: We stood on her front step after our first kiss, and she waited for me to respond. I wanted to tell her how I felt.

This time will be different I say to myself.

“This time take off your shoes and stay a while,” she said.


  1. All sorts of psychological diagnoses run through my mind. However, that would ruin this very poignant story, so I’ll leave my counselor hat in the closet 🙂 You’ve done a fine job of showing us this man clearly.

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  2. Hi Danny, A very poignant piece. I wish she would have stayed with him forever!
    But as you said – ‘Nothing ever lasts’ – it is very philosophical if one ponders…as in this world everything is ephemeral.

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