What In The World?

Photo Credit —–Douglas M. MacIlroy

This post is written for Friday Fictioneers.

Every Wednesday he sat here and pondered the image on his computer screen. He was not alone in this obsession. People from all over the world made an appearance here.

They all worshipped this divinity. The ONE that provided their inspiration was in session in HER domain.

Their stories were different. Faced with the same problem they came to difference interpretations. Was it a craftsman at his work station? A recluse with plans to take over the world? Why the tattered globe? What were those pliers used for?

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    • I also wonderful what process everyone goes through to produce their posts. Personally I never read others posts until I have written my own. Sometimes I know immediately what I want to write and other times it takes a day or better.


  1. Dear Danny,

    I’ve been described as the queen, the bus driver, and, even the purple pygmy. But this is the first time the word ‘divinity’ has been applied. 😉 It is an addictive exercise. I was sucked into it a little over 6 years ago and within 6 months found myself crowned. Thank you for this. You left me with all kinds of smiles. 😀 😀 😀 Fun stuff.



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