You can lose your head for that.   11 comments

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PHOTO PROMPT © Danny Bowman

No trees grew in this desolate part of the country. He knew this area well. Every year he made this trip to collect taxes due the King.

“You know this place?” his companion whispered.

“Oh, aye, I know most places through this part of the Highlands. Wouldn’t wander here cept tis’ the King’s brother-in-law who needs to pay his share.” 

“ What fate awaits him if he refuses?” his companion asked.

“His Majesty has a wee bit of a temper and doesn’t take well with those who displease him. One Royal Lady lost her head when she offended.”



11 responses to “You can lose your head for that.

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  1. With an employer with such temper, i wonder he thinks of resigning and cant… Anyways, the brother-in-law seems thrifty enough not be an alternative employer….Who would want to tread those paths..

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  2. It never pays to be between two powerful men…

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  3. Those were the days….Not!

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  4. A nasty job, but someone has to do it. Maybe a change of employment might suit.

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  5. Chop chop… the privilege of a king… until he’s usurped

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  6. Chilling, to say the least. Good writing.

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  7. Best he pays up methinks! Nice one Danny

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  8. And what fate awaits tax collectors who come back empty handed? That’s what would be on my mind if I were him!

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  9. I reckon the tax collector is secretly hoping the king’s brother in law can’t pay…

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  10. Definitely a brother-in-law to keep on the right side of. Would certainly put a stop to tax evasion these days too.

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