You Just Never Know   20 comments

This post is written for Friday Fictioneers. My story follows the picture prompt below.


Photo prompt@melanie-greenwood

I saw Jim sitting in the corner by himself. It was our ten year high school reunion.  Most of the rest of our little gang had gone off to college and then started our profession careers. But not Jim. As far as I knew he was still living with his mother in that small house in Palo Alto.

After about a hour of small chit chat Jim suddenly asked me to take him to the airport.

He pointed to the private jet at the end of the runway. “That’s mine. Google bought my little program for $630 million last year.”







20 responses to “You Just Never Know

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  1. Oh! What fun this is. From a depressed Jim to a pretty darn happy one. Well done.

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  2. Good old Jim!

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  3. Reunions are always a crap shoot! You never know what’s unfolded in the mean time. Nice job!

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  4. lol. I’ll never judge anyone living with their mother again.

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  5. Did Jim buy his mom a jet too?

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  6. Ha… yes those things happens… as a matter of fact there where those two guys who started Google once…

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  7. Hope Google does better with that purchase than Rupert Murdoch did with MySpace…lol. Good story!

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  8. This is great. I like the slighty patronizing tone of the narrator, and Jim’s matter-of-factness. That’s showing them.

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  9. Nice one Jim! It’s nice to see hard work reaping its own rewards.

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  10. Nice one, Jim! Though I noticed that as a programmer he was sitting in the corner by himself… very realistic 🙂

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  11. Great story

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  12. Let me get back to work. Maybe Google will buy stuff from me 😄

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