Baby It’s Cold In Here

This post is written for Friday FictioneersThe challenge is to write a complete story, beginning, middle, and end in 100 words or less using the picture prompt (below) as inspiration. My story follows the picture prompt.

Photo by Claire Fuller

It doesn’t feel cold in here. The dial in front of me reads -120 degrees.

There are three other occupants with me here in this stainless steel tube. One in each of four  pie-shaped quadrants. They used a crane yesterday to lift my buddy to my right out of this giant thermos bottle. He hasn’t returned yet.

They said they could find a cure for my disease in the next five years. Now that I think about it I should have asked a lot more questions. What will the world look like when I get out? Will the world still exist?


  1. Great story, very descriptive. Horror to think about bein in this tube for centuries, and conscious. By them time they let him out, there may not be much of ‘him’ left.

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  2. He’s probably paying for his storage by the end so it makes no business sense to let him out the moment they find a cure 🙂
    Great story – you pose interesting questions at the end.

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