Stairway To Heaven

This post is written for the Sunday Photo Fiction contest. The idea of Sunday Photo Fiction is to write a piece whether it is a story or poetry using the image as inspiration. My story follows the picture prompt. Other stories can be found  by clicking on the link at the end of this post.

The sun setting behind buildings

Leaving Michigan after a nasty divorce he had planned to make his new life in southern California. He had managed to pack everything he owned in a four by six u-haul trailer. No goodbye party was held for him.

Looking up at the sonoran desert sunset he thought that this was not where he envisioned he would begin his  new life. But his car thought this was the perfect place, as it had just died. Two thousand,  two hundred, and twenty three miles was when it decided to end its life. The sound of the hissing  radiator hose was the cause of death.

But he vaguely remembered another car. And a horrible sound of metal being torn apart… and the smell… the awful smell of burning flesh.

Who could he call for help?  Who would even here him?

Behind him he heard a voice. A very calm voice. A voice that sounded very comforting.

“Greetings. You’re right on time. The Boss will be very impressed!”


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