I Hope It’s Another Girl

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction.

One of my sister's horses. This was just after she rescued it and it was heavily in foal at the time.

None of those horses out there are  anywhere as good as my  first little girl.  She was born to  run. She had that gene from her father.

She came a long way from her birth place in Paris Kentucky. She made Stuart and Barbara very proud and not a little bit better off financially. “Queen of the Fillies” was what everyone called her. She won her maiden race by 15 lengths. None of those cocky boys could catch her. She won her first ten races. What a girl!

The only race she ever lost was the one that killed her.

Jacinto was on board when just after the first quarter-mile when her right foreleg snapped. She still tried to run and finish the race. She had such a big heart that Jacinto said he could not stop her. She was even running when she was under anesthesia.

I know, my little unborn, that you will make your mother proud. Just remember little girl to get out front early and let  the boys try and catch you. You know they will be after you because that’s what boys dream of. Mom will teach you that part.


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