Frog Legs For Dinner?

Written for Mondays Finish the StoryFinish the story begins with:When it came to a challenge, Jim Smiley just had to jump right in!

2015-03-02 - BW Beacham

When it came to a challenge, Jim Smiley just had to jump right in!

After all he came from a very competitive family. He always wanted to be the Top Frog and his family provided him his greatest rivals.

There was his cousin Kenneth. He claimed to be at one time a human being. He was a loud mouth and a grumble but he was a wiz at the shot put.

Then there was his older brother Big Ed. Big Ed was the BFOC (Big Frog On Campus) and was a ladies man but still could possibly win the high dive competition.

His younger brother, Little Hypertoad, was the odd duck in the family. He was a great sprinter but he kept jumping the gun and on the restarts he appeared to be hypnotized and would set frozen on his hind legs for days.

And then there was his sister Looney Lucy. She was like Nadia Comaneci with bulging eyes. She approached the parallel bars wearing a top hot, carrying a cane, and singing pop music, ragtime, and Tin Pan Alley hits. She got disqualified a lot.

With all his practice time behind him Jim headed toward Calaveras County and his much-anticipated contest with old Dan’l Webster.

Jim realized that if he did not win the jumping contest he would be dinner for someone.



  1. What a family! Each with their own particular talent! I loved your tale Danny! Thanks again for participating in the MFtS Challenge! See you next week! Be well… ^..^


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