Just One

Written for Friday Fictioneers. My entry follows the photo below. For other great stories just click on the blue froggie at the end of this post. Enjoy!

PHOTO PROMPT - Copyright -Björn Rudberg

All of his new-found friends were gathered around the festive table. None knew of his terrible past. Every new day brought the horrible realization of the mad animal he was before. But he had changed. It was to be a new beginning for him.

Things were changing one day at a time. One of the promises was coming true.

“A toast to the holidays,” his host proclaimed. The small gathering returned the salute. The joyous sound echoed in his ear.

Putting the glass down he realized his future was doomed. Three good clean years just went down the drain.


  1. Dear Danny,

    A true to life cautionary tale. Time for him to suck it up and start counting days again. (Though your story shows us his despair at the moment and speaks of a different fate.) Well done.




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