Lunch With Ali

Written for The Short Story and Flash Fiction Society’s Flash Fiction Contest #6.

Ali dressed in the best outfit she owned. It was a simple black dress that reached her wrinkled ankles. She added the small  pearl necklace her late husband had bought her for their 50th wedding anniversary. She had to look just perfect for her new visitor.

Looking at herself in the full length mirror on the back of her bedroom door she saw a pretty young woman of  twenty-five. Four foot and eleven inches in height and 95 pounds. Actually quite attractive she thought.

Waiting at her small kitchen table, surrounded by the many candles  she always kept lit, she noticed her weekly lunch menu. Today was mashed potatoes and meat loaf. Just another meal she would not eat.

She heard the car approaching on her gravel driveway. Her prince was here! The doorbell rang.

“Meals on Wheels, Ms Ali.”



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