Water Therapy

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2014-12-08 - BW Beacham

Donning her fins and snorkel, she headed out into the deep water. She had practiced for this day for over three months with her husband Gary. It was all part of her therapy. All her life she had been afraid being in the water. Her therapist had suggested, and David agreed, that she should start out slowly to gain confidence over her fear of water.

Her fear of water not only included deep water but swimming pools and bathtubs. She knew she had a serious problem when she realized she was afraid of even entering the water and sometimes even to look at a large body of water filled her with fear. Aquaphobia her therapist called it.

 She never took ocean cruises with her friends. Once, she had worked up  her nerve and gone white water rafting with Gary. That experience set her back about two years she thought.

Her hope was that if she was able to overcome this phobia her crumbling marriage had a chance of being saved. David had been a saint in getting to this point. He had promised to keep the boat nearby so if she became anxious she could return to the safety of the boat.

Her confidence was high as she turned and looked for Gary and the boat. All she saw as open water.