The Cost of Racing   21 comments

In response to Rochelle’s famous Friday Fictioneers challenge. My 100 word story follows the picture. For more entertainment just click on the little blue Froggie  and see what everyone  else comes up with. Always interesting.

Claire Fuller (7)

“That looks like an invoice Tony. Is It?”

“Yup, a $18,000 bill. I tell you that kid is going to bankrupt this organization. He still thinks he’s running  moonshine in North Carolina like his  old  man. And that’s just for the stupid tires that he has ruined trying those crazy maneuvers. Add in the $63,000 for a new engine, mufflers, rims, and ruptured gas tanks and the total is over $100,00 just to get him to the finish line much less earn any purse money.”

My advice is still the same Tony. “Keep making those left hand turns and never-never turn right.”





21 responses to “The Cost of Racing

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  1. My “ancestors” were rum runners in Kansas. This story hit home! Well done.


  2. Haha, never turn straight. Great advice!

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  3. Good heaven’s … I think they’d better cut their losses and get rid of the kid| Great story btw!


  4. Danny, It seems like it’s all spend and no return. He better wake up and realize he’s not driving in the mountains anymore. Good and well-written story.


  5. Good advice there. A right turn on the race track is most always deadly.

    All my best,


  6. That’s an expensive sport to be in. I’ve seen racing fuel at some gas stations that must have had gold dust in it for the price. As long as he never turns right, maybe he can make it though.


  7. I could understand the rest.. racing sounds like one of the fastest way to loose money (if you are lucky)

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  8. Dear Danny,

    My advice is to show him a red flag, cut their losses and find a new driver. Good story, bad crew.




  9. Dear Danny,

    Rapid Roy, that stock car boy, he too much to believe…I think I’d buy Tony a bicycle.




  10. I’m still staggering from the amounts. Kid sounds like he’s trying out for a new episode of the “Dukes of Hazzard!”



  11. Wow, that is pretty costly. I hope the kid starts making some money soon.


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