Room With a Quarter Moon Rating

This is written in response to Mondays Finish the Story challenge. Using 100 -150 words and beginning with the first sentence provided (in bold below) you must finish the story. For other great flash fiction stories click on the little blue froggie.


2014-11-17 - BW Beacham

“When I rented the room, I did not think it would be this one!”

I was born in Ohio. After graduating from college I and had been working for the same company for ten years and was still single.

I bought a car from my best friend’s dad (a 1973 Camaro) for $2,800 brand new! I had never been to New England. I had heard about the beautiful fall foliage. Taking my brand new Nikon camera with me I headed east.

I found myself in the beautiful Green Mountains in Vermont. I spent the late afternoon capturing some beautiful pictures. Around six in the  evening I decided I better get a motel room. The manager at that place informed me every motel room was booked within a fifty mile radius. But he did have a small place out back he would let me use.

It did not get a five start rating but did earn a quarter moon.





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