Friday Fictioneers — Spring Prom

In response to our host at Friday Fictioneers Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. My little story follows the picture.


PHOTO PROMPT - Copyright - Jean L. Hays

It was a cold spring in Little Rock. The winter had been especially brutal. What kept Harry from being depressed was the annual  Spring Prom tonight. It would be his first real date.

It had taken him two months  to work up the courage to ask Ginger to be his date. He took some dance lessons from  Ms. Carter. The tux was a rental. He even rented his shoes. The weather promised to cooperate. And to top it off, that big pimple on his forehead had healed.

His dad had promised him he could take the Edsel.



    • Strange….today is Edsel Ford’s birthday. Born 11.06.1893. And if it was a new Edsel and they were married that year they would be celebrating their 57th wedding anniversary.



  1. Ha ha! I can’t help thinking he’s gone to so much trouble to get everything exactly right, so much preparation, and he’s going to ruin it with the Edsel 🙂


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