Sunday Photo Fiction — All The Rain Has Gone

This post is in response to the Sunday Photo Fiction Challenge.

Sunday Photo Fiction

Sunday Photo october-19th-2014


The rains had ended a few hours ago. George, looking out over the bay, saw nothing but blue skies.

He had listed all the obstacles that stood in his way. He had drawn up his will expressly excluded his two ex-wives, their  husbands, and his grandchildren from benefiting from his death. They never  found it convenient to visit him except once  a year at the  most. He knew they would contest his will. He had it witnessed by his company’s lawyers.

He had liquidated almost all his vast oil and lumber holdings. He had sold three lumber companies, and two small oil refineries. Those sales had netted him over $30,000,000 after paying off his  financial obligations. Some of  these he had sold at a lost and all against the advice of his Chief Financial Officer.

All proceeds and his large ranch would be left to his caregiver. Someone who had really cared for him the last 20 years of his life. Who had been supportive in his last few years while he was in intense pain from his terminal illness.

He would end the pain himself. He already had purchased the rope to hang from his favorite old oak tree.




  1. Great story. I hope his neglectful family spend all their money fighting the will and then losing! Bastards!
    But: Maybe reread it and fixed the couple of minor errors. I wouldn’t have mentioned the terminal illness. Too much tell, not enough show. You could write something like “… intense pain which would never end, which the doctors say will kill him.” Or something. Let the reader work it out. Sorry.


  2. Ah yes! They begin to swirl the instant the last breath is taken. Sadly, I wish that your M.C. had other options besides suicide. Death with dignity ( as we do with our pets ) .. nevertheless his lawyers will have their hands full with the “grieving” family. Well done !


      • I helped tidy my nan’s house after they died, and one of her relatives was there as well saying “I’m getting that before the vultures get here, I’ll nab those before the vultures get here” and my thought was “It seems they are already here”. I was asked if I wanted anything, and I declined as I never liked the woman. I wasn’t going to pretend I did then.I tolerated her until she upset my kids. Then I banned her from my house.


  3. A nicely written story about a sad but often a very true situation. Let’s hope the courts take into account the fact that his family have been conspicuous by their absence for a couple of decades. Of course he could really tick them off by making anonymous cash donations to some deserving charities. There’d be little the family could do. Apart from whinge and gripe about his selfishness.


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