Friday Fictioneers — Tears For Fears   9 comments


Submitted in response to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Friday Fictioneers 

Copyright-Rochelle Fields

Photo Prompt Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Looking at the neatly stored instruments Roland wondered how it got to this point. They were both from Bath in southwestern England. Both were best friends in school. They formed a successful band. Roland on keyboard and Curt on drums. They were one of the first of the successful synthesizer bands. That success lead to their entry into the world of Rock & Roll. Disagreement on the next direction the band should take lead to their decision to disband.

Curt had called last week and talked about reuniting the band. It wouldn’t be the same he realized. But, doesn’t everybody love a happy ending.





9 responses to “Friday Fictioneers — Tears For Fears

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  1. Cool story. A little real life, a little fiction.


  2. Dear Danny,

    By now, after so many stories, I’m becoming acquainted, albeit late, with Tears for Fears. Nicely done. 😉




  3. Well written, but Keith Richards isn’t drooling just yet! Nan 🙂


  4. The fate of so many bands (apart from the Rolling Stones who seem go on forever!).
    I have to admit, Tears for Fears were never one of my favourites though they did do some good stuff 🙂


  5. Nice reference to the happy ending 🙂

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