Friday Fictioneers is an online writing group where we all write 100 words or so from a picture supplied to us weekly by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

Copyright Kent Bonham


Inspector Barbour, not know for his superior investigative techniques, was stymied, nay perplexed and flummoxed, even speechless, when requested by his supervisor to obtain a DNA sample from the suspect in the latest killing at the zoo, an Alpha male gorilla named Kimbo. He solved his dilemma by using an old discarded cotton candy stick. In his mind he would approach Kimbo, offer him the treat, and then withdrawal the stick  which would contain the DNA sample his supervisor requested.

Visitors today are greeted by a large sign that reads “Please do not feed the gorillas cotton candy.”


  1. Dear Danny,

    The Inspector needs to brush up on his proofreading skills. And that complex, compound, run-on first sentence might perhaps be parsed for effect. I like the premise of your story, hence my crawling out from under my rock to let you know what derailed my train of thoughts at the station. Keep at it.




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