Sunday Photo Fiction — Long Range Shoes

This post is written in response to Sunday Photo Fiction.

Sunday Photo Fiction




The White House announced today that the former peaceful country of Shoevania has launched a full blow attach on the United States.

“This is a country we thought had nuclear weapons. It turns out they have size 9 shoes instead,” press secretary Harold Zinger stated.

Reports of Wing Tips falling in the Wall Street financial district have been reported injuring over a hundred individuals in three-piece suits. In the mid-west reports are coming in about snow shoes falling from the cold and chilly skies. In Florida over 75 retirees have been injured by lethal thong sandals. Washington State reports rain goloshes have covered over half the city.  Remarkably, it appears the state of California has been spared any type of attack. In Texas large cowboy boots the size of Rhode Island have completely made a ghost town out of Dallas and Houston.

In Washington D.C. itself, the First Lady was attacked by a pair of black high heels. The First Lady, always unflappable, looked to the sky and announced, “Do you have any in red?”






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