Empty Gun Holster

File:Don Knotts Barney and the bullet Andy Griffith Show.jpg
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

I took a deep breath and reached down to my holster for my gun, only to find my holster was empty. This is what they told me to do in the police academy down in Raleigh where I took my training course last week. Except the holster was supposed to be loaded. 

You would think a guy born with the name Jesse would be able to figure how to load his pistol. Actually my boss only lets me carry one bullet. I keep this neatly tucked in my shirt pocket until I need it. The last time I tried to load the damn thing I accidentally shot a bullet into the floor.

This is a small town but my position is essential to keeping it safe. Just ask Gomer down at the gas station. Well right now he’s in the Marine Corp but he would vouch for the importance of my job as deputy sheriff. Now that I think about it you could ask old Floyd the barber who’s been around these parts for 40 plus years and knows every crime that has been committed during that period. Ok, there was only one. The one that stole the Sheriff’s horse but was so drunk he fell off  before he could get out of town. I’m the one that took him to jail for the night. Boy that’s one the town still talks about. Actually when Otis sobered up he thought that what this town needed was a town drunk.

Well tonight is all you can eat at the Golden Corral and I worked up enough nerve to ask Thelma Lou to dinner. Two for one price on Chicken dinner. Yes sir, things are looking up here in this little old town. 





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