Light and Shade

Light and Shade Challenge –100 words inspired by the picture below and this quote:  She tells enough white lies to ice a wedding cake – Margot Asquith

The shade provided by the tall tree provided the only relief from the hot summer sun in this part  of Spain. The cool of the night would soon comfort him.  The dreadful night  dreams would knock on his frail brain for admittance. Once in his mad mind they would soon be out of control. He watched, detached, as the images fought for who would be in control. He had no interest in who won. They all lied. But he knew which one would win. He knew her  very well. She tells enough white lies to ice a wedding cake.




  1. I’m really intrigued about the ‘she’ who would always win. The last line was lovely and incisive. Thank you for jumping in to the Light and Shade Challenge, LM x


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