It’s All In The Name

Raymond had been serving a life sentence in the Santa Rosa Correctional Institution since October of 2012. He was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill and inflict serious injury and with being an habitual felon. He thought three strikes was a term used in baseball. Turns out it’s used in the justice system also.

His convictions were tied to the September 2011 shooting of a man, resulted in a lifetime prison sentence.The court documents describe him as a “high-ranking member” of the James gang.

Since it looked like Raymond would be in prison for quite a while he figured it was payback time for the prosecutor that put him there.

He paid Marvin $200 for the mobile phone he had smuggled into the joint. His plan was to kidnap his prosecutor and hold her for ransom and his release. In the next few days he placed over 120 texts to members of his gang to plan and execute his plan.  Act Up and Flame were his main boys on the outside to carry this off. He promised them $10,000 each. Money he could tap on the outside. He told Act Up  to Google the  name and find the address. At least Act Up knew what Google was so that was good.

Act Up texted back that he had obtained a stun gun and a firearm and also had a current address. While Act Up and Flame were on their way to Sacramento, Raymond called and instructed them to wear khakis and collared shirts. The kidnapping team stopped at a Wal-Mart and bought cloths. The carload stopped and bought gas and food at a McDonald’s. They changed clothes at the rest stop on Interstate 5.

Once at the address, Flame stayed in the car as Act Up grabbed a clipboard and knocked on the door of the home they thought belonged to the prosecutor. Act up used the stun gun. He zip tied his hands, and they forced him into  the backseat of the rented Nissan, then onto the floorboard. They covered him with a blanket and kept their feet on him as they sped off.

Act Up  texted Raymond “We got Sidney boss. I’m actually sitting on him now.”

Raymond, frustrated, texted back “Sydney’s a girl stupid. You got the wrong person.”



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