It’s Not Every Day

…that you become a NASCAR driver.

But I did!

DSCN0743Eight laps around the Charlotte Motor Raceway. Average speed of 137 MPH. Fastest lap of 148 MPH. I can still hear the fans screaming as I come out of turn 4. The announcer says, “He’s taking the inside line and passing Jeff Gordon and the fans go crazy.” Well that last part I made up. I feared I would stall that big honking machine at the start line but that didn’t happen. On the last lap I push the gas pedal to the floor trying to ย overtake the car in front of me and finish 1st. I wasn’t quite fast enough and finished second.

Being the good sport I am I went over to 1st place finisher and congratulate him. Holy molly the first place finisher was:

DSCN0750My wife!

Author: Danny James

โ€œTravel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.โ€

17 thoughts on “It’s Not Every Day”

      1. It was at the Disney track, is that the same? Excuse my ignorance, we were on holiday from the UK. It was only a small track, a mile or 3/4 mile I can’t recall, but he loved it all the same. His top speed was 122 mph and his certificate is proudly framed for all to see ๐Ÿ™‚


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