The Bell Lap   17 comments

This story is written for Friday Fictioneers.

Copyright - David Stewart

born to poverty, living with fear and crime

left the dirty city with nothing and expected the same and not to do time

he bought this farm with his very last nickel

working day and night with some old hammer and sickle

young and fearless, some say reckless, he married his true love and had five children

determined with all his might not to be a lowly pilgrim

where will it all stop he often wondered

 one thing he knew he didn’t  want to live  to be a hundred

his lined face and worn frame indicated the ringing of his bell lap

17 responses to “The Bell Lap

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  1. Dear Danny,

    A rhyme in the rhythm of life. Nice.




  2. Good piece. Well written.


  3. Oh I can see the end is near… really near… and welcome too


  4. I suspected what “bell lap” was from your piece but looked it up to make sure. Well done. Hard work and being in the elements can make a person appear older than their years and wear them down.


  5. A timeless kind of story.


  6. Danny, this has the feel of rap to me, something I generally don’t care for, but I thought the marriage of the gritty feel of your story and the rhythm worked perfectly.



  7. Nicely written, Danny – not a word wasted. 🙂


  8. Ah life! Sometimes it exacts too much price and wearies us !


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