Friday Fictioneers — Time For Bed   27 comments

Our fearless Friday Fictioneers fantastic female big cheese Rochelle has furnished us this weeks challenge.


Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end using the picture below. (No one will be ostracized for going a few words over the count.)

Copyright - Erin Leary

Copyright – Erin Leary

I draw my power from this earth. Running water draws it away. Sunset up, sunrise down. I live in a land of dripping midnight waters and soft grey web. I am a pedestrian who walks this path looking for unsuspecting virgins in the night. Demons and Spirits are my precursors so they say. I believe I have no name, just this white hand, a set of yellow teeth and a cold heart. I’m a thing in a box and with daylight I must return to heal my wounds from last night. Little drops of red liquor upon my sleeping lips.

Posted January 15, 2014 by Danny James in Flash Fiction, Friday Fictioneers

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27 responses to “Friday Fictioneers — Time For Bed

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  1. Wow little drops of wine on my sleeping lips. That’s the epitome of excellent prose. I will drink to it.


  2. Very demonic and creepy. Nicely done!


  3. Oh a vampire with a conscience.. very good.. love the poetic touch.


  4. Very poetic vampire. Nicely told tale and a good take on the prompt.


  5. You make me feel sorry for poor Dracula. I think you need to represent him, as others seem to be mis-representing the poor thing.


  6. Dear Danny,

    Poor tortured vampire. Puts me in mind of “Interview with a Vampire.” Well done.




  7. Spooky! I liked the description, especially “land of dripping midnight waters and soft grey web”.


  8. Good job! Vampires! Wow, how interesting it is. Thanks for the entertainment. Loved it. Nan


  9. This is a well written vampire story. I enjoyed.


  10. Oooh,Vampire!Enjoyed this piece:-)


  11. Well you don’t sound like my cup of tea… 😦 And I think you should lay off the vino. Nice one Danny.


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