My Style: Helping Others

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There is nothing more rewarding and humbling than helping others.

Besides enriching someone else’s life,

helping others simply makes me a better person

Helping others need not be wholly selfless.

Helping others makes me feel good and allows me to share part of myself with the world.

This is a good thing.

There is a great need in all of our communities for individuals to volunteer to make others less fortunate than ourselves live a meaningful and useful life. Take time to spend a few hours with some of those people who depend upon others to take them to doctor’s appointments, provide meals, and many more things that most of us take for granted. Take an extra hour at lunch and then make it up at the end of the day. Take some comp time. Take a vacation day. Spend some of your  retirement day.  I can drive myself to my doctor’s. I can go to the store to buy groceries. I can make my own meals. I have family that I can depend on. Others don’t have those luxuries.

My dad always joked that the most popular guy was the one who still has his car keys. They can go anywhere.

Use your keys!


Tell me your thoughts!

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